Mental Health Panel

Findings from the 1976 AAFSW survey indicated a need for the State Department to review the quality of medical care for Foreign Service families, especially counseling for mental health issues. It was suggested that medical personnel in Washington should better recognize the stresses of Foreign Service life and be more sensitive in their dealings with family members.  AAFSW organized a Mental Health panel discussion in March 1978 to address these concerns, including panelists from AID, State and USIA as well as medical professionals. First Lady Rosalynn Carter was a guest speaker at the event.

Multiple people seated at a long table as panel speakers. The view is facing the panel from the perspective of the audience.
Mental Health Panel, participants: Michael Keeley, Jean Vance, Betty Ann Weinstein, Joan Wilson, Bernice Munsey, Dr. Patrick Haynes, Janel Lloyd, Mary Louise Weiss, Dr. Stephen Hersh, Dr. Peter Bourne, March 14, 1978. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State

Two women standing next to the information display that was created to accompany the Mental Health Panel on March 14, 1978.
Special display put together for Mental Health Panel, March 14, 1978. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State

Rosalynn Carter is shown standing at a podium at the front of a large room. To her right is the long table with the panel members. The view is from the audience to Ms. Carter's left.
Keynote Speaker, First Lady Rosalynn Carter speaks at the Mental Health Panel. Photo credit: U.S. Department of State